About Guada Psych Services

Founded in 2016, Guada Psych Services provides sophisticated and effective therapy and psych assessment services. We treat each patient as a unique individual, offering personalized care that meets you exactly where you are. Our dedicated team works to restore stability and happiness in our patients’ lives.

We pride ourselves on high educational standards and deep clinical expertise. Our well-educated and experienced therapists use specialized knowledge and a compassionate approach to meet our patients’ needs effectively. We excel at addressing trauma-related anxiety and depression, providing trauma-informed care that goes beyond academic training. Our practical experience ensures that therapy is always helpful.

A Note on Mental Health Care and Privacy

We are deeply concerned about the infiltration of unqualified individuals offering coaching services without proper training. At Guada Psych, we uphold the highest standards, ensuring our clinicians are fully trained and experienced. Your privacy is paramount; your information remains confidential, and you have full control over your treatment. You decide the pace and extent of your therapy, with your therapist providing tailored guidance.

About GuadaPsych
Why Choose Us

Why Us

Guada Psych stands out among mental health agencies due to our commitment to high educational standards. Our team possesses a sophisticated background, ensuring an exceptional understanding of mental health care excellence. Our expertise is not just superficial—it is built on a solid foundation of clinical experience and specialized knowledge. Moreover, our approach is both kind and empathetic, tailored to meet patients exactly where they are and to discover the most effective techniques for their needs. As a small business, we closely monitor our clinicians’ skills, with each therapist at Guada Psych demonstrating a proven track record of patient success.

We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. You can expect someone to gently assess your mental health needs during the first 1-2 sessions.

A psychological evaluation for a range of reasons. These are becoming more common as insurance is now covering them.


Team of professionals

Kati Guada

PsyD | Founder/CEO

Liara Montesano

PsyD | Clinical Director

Sarah English

LCPC | Staff Professional Counselor

Joe Serrano

PsyD | Staff Psychologist

Stacy Stewart

PhD | Staff Psychologist

Stephen Stewart

PsyD, NCSP | Staff Psychologist

Sofia Mendoza

Scheduling Manager

Alane J


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