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At Guada Psych Services, we believe that the best model of care is one that includes training and scholarship. We are a teaching practice; In addition to providing top-not services, we are passionate about training future practitioners who can go out and offer ethical and culturally sensitive services that meet the highest standard of best practice. Our student clinicians are heavily supervised and motivated to apply their rigorous studies and grow. They are required to meet milestones set by both their doctoral programs as well as our internal training program. In addition to meeting with patients, students are required to attend internal didactic seminars and multiple supervision meetings. Patients who meet with students not only get an exceptional therapist who has been selected from a rigorous application procedure; they also get extra sets of eyes on their cases.
Guada Psych clinicians in training require a wide range of clinical competencies in their education as well as at our clinical site. We consider students as part of our clinical team; they are held to the same standards of professionalism and conduct as our other valued staff members.
For more information or for a copy of our student training manual, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
 Guada Psych Services Internal Training by PESI on Trauma-Informed Interventions, 8/17/2023