1701 E. Woodfield Road,Suite 905,
Schaumburg, IL 60173
PH: (847) 797-4699

Do you take insurance?


We currently accept the following insurance plans:


- BCBS Choice

- BCBS Community

- Aetna

- Aetna Better Health (Medicaid Plan)

- Cigna

- Meridian (Medicaid policy)

We are NOT currently in network with any HMO policies.

We also offer sliding scale payment options.

I tend to be quiet and don't speak much, is this a problem for therapy?"


No, we don't have any expectations for our patients to be talkative.​

How long will I have to be in therapy until my problem gets better?


You're encouraged to ask this question in your first session or when you call to set up an appointment. How fast a problem diminishes depends on multiple factors. Our goal is to bring you relief as soon as possible.

Do you do video therapy sessions?


Yes, we can do video therapy as long as you are located in Illinois and your provider reimburses telehealth services.

How often will I need to come to therapy?


Patients typically start off with weekly sessions and taper down from there. However, some people are not able to start on a weekly basis due to busy schedules.

Do you offer sliding scale payment?


Yes, please call to discuss your fee.



Saint Sabina Church
1210 West 78th Place
Chicago, IL 60620
We currently offer services two days per week onsite in the rectory building of St. Sabina church, which is located in Chicago's historic Auburn/Gresham neighborhood. St. Sabina is home to the Senior Pastor Michael Pfleger (can you make this a link to his Wikipedia?) who has been an outspoken voice for the St. Sabina community since he became pastor in 1981. A true “errand boy” for Jesus, Father Pfleger lives and breathes the phrase “WWJD” (“what would Jesus do?”). You can see or experience a remarkable service every Sunday at 10 AM at St. Sabina Church, the service is also streamed on their website (listed below). ALL are welcome.
We are thankful to have received such a warm welcome from local leaders in the St. Sabina community who run different programming in and for the community. We have listed our community partners on St. Sabina's thriving campus for your review below as well as a link to St. Sabina's website and Fr. Pfleger's demand for justice. 
 ** Demand to Address Violence Statement ( 
The ARK of St. Sabina (
Martin Luther King Jr. Center (
Live Broadcast (



The Little Village Community Council
3610 W 26th St,
Chicago, IL 60623
Little Village is a neighborhood located on on Chicago's Southwest side. La Villita is home to one of the largest Mexican American populations in the United States. If you have been to Little Village, you know that the culture is inescapable. We have partnered with the Little Village Community Council to offer mental health services inside of their community facility. We start working in Little Village starting on May 2nd, and we are very exited to be able to offer needed mental health services to the local community. You can find more information on the Little Village Community Council below. 

Events – Little Village Community Council