About Our Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

Guada Psych’s clinical psychologists are highly trained in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments. We utilize an extensive range of evaluation tools to ensure that our diagnoses are precise and reliable. It’s not uncommon for us to encounter individuals who have previously undergone evaluations elsewhere, often by recognized specialists. However, when reviewing these external reports, we frequently discover that the diagnoses were made based on an inadequate set of tests, leading to potential inaccuracies. This approach is akin to a primary care doctor making a hasty diagnosis with limited information—clearly, not the standard of care you deserve. At Guada Psych, we guarantee that our services are delivered with utmost accuracy and care, ensuring you receive only the highest quality of care.

Why Should I Consider a Psychological Evaluation?

A psychological evaluation serves as a comprehensive snapshot of your mental health at a specific point in time. Think of it like an MRI that, instead of producing a physical image, provides a detailed description of your current life circumstances and their impact on your mental well-being. While our skilled clinical psychologists and therapists can often understand your mental health through regular sessions, there are situations where a formal evaluation is essential. This testing can be particularly valuable to accurately clarify your diagnosis, which in turn, guides the direction and focus of subsequent therapy sessions.

What Is Involved in the Psychological Assessment Process?

The psychological assessment process begins when you contact us to discuss your need for an evaluation. Our initial step is to schedule a 1-hour interview, which can be conducted either in person or via video. During this interview, the clinician gathers essential information about the reason for the evaluation and your background. Following this session, a customized battery of tests is selected specifically to address your concerns. These tests are non-invasive and may involve answering multiple-choice questions on a computer, completing paper-and-pencil tasks, or providing verbal responses. The testing phase can range from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the complexity of the case, and can be spread over several sessions or completed in one sitting, based on your preference.

After the testing is complete, the clinician will analyze the data and compile a detailed report, a process that usually takes up to two weeks. You will then have a follow-up meeting with your clinician to discuss the findings, go through the report, and address any questions you may have. Should you need the report sent to another healthcare provider, we will require you to complete a release of information form, after which we can forward the details accordingly.

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