Katie Guada, PsyD

Guada Psych Services was founded to address the critical need for high-quality mental health care accessible to everyone. I’m fortunate to collaborate with a team of outstanding professionals dedicated to this mission. My passion for human behavior, relationships, and social dynamics naturally led me to the field of clinical psychology. More importantly, my deep compassion for individuals and their mental health challenges drives our work. At Guada Psych, we provide exceptional care through a patient-centered approach, offering therapy and diagnostic services for individuals aged ten and older in an outpatient setting.

Education and Training

I completed my BA at Indiana University, located in the scenic town of Bloomington, IN. Committed to broadening my cultural insights, I spent significant time working in Beijing, CN, and exploring Latino/a culture. After returning to my hometown of Chicago, IL, I embarked on a rigorous five-year period of study and clinical practice at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where I obtained my doctoral degree. Throughout this journey, I developed the skills to address even the most challenging mental health issues and learned to effectively navigate the mental health system to ensure the best outcomes for our patients at Guada Psych. In my practice, I draw on my psycho-dynamic training to deeply understand individuals, employing a variety of therapeutic interventions.

Patients and Problems Treated

I specialize in working with adolescents who are dealing with anger, depression, and anxiety, as well as their family members, leveraging extensive experience in this field. I am particularly adept at helping teens with trauma histories who face challenges in their relationships and struggle to find consistent happiness. My practice also includes significant work with adolescents experiencing various forms of anxiety, including social anxiety. I engage with each patient at their current stage, assessing their mental health needs to develop a tailored treatment plan aimed at achieving positive health outcomes.

Liara Montesano, PsyD

Dr. Liara Montesano has been practicing at Guada Psych since October of 2019 and has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team. According to Dr. Montesano, “I view human beings as having vast amounts of potential that is often held back by different complications. I chose clinical psychology because of my desire to see individuals become the best versions of themselves.” Today, Dr. Montesano works with adult patients in therapy and assessment/evaluation. She is also the clinical director of our training program. Dr. Montesano’s patients have often reached out to give feedback regarding how much they appreciate her sharp skill set and warm approach.

Education and Training

After finishing her BA in clinical psychology at Florida State University, Dr. Montesano completed five years of intensive study at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This schooling required clinical rotations at multiple facilities, and she earned positions at some of the most difficult training sites, including Northwestern University’s Family Health Center and Illinois Masonic Medical Center. As a clinical psychologist, she is highly qualified to treat your difficulties, and she can speak both English and Spanish fluently. Dr. Montesano is strongly influenced by Psychodynamic theory in working with patients.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Montesano provides therapy and assessment services. Her patients struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, loneliness, obsessive thinking, phobias ADHD, and many other challenges that compromise quality of life. A licensed clinical psychologist with above average diagnostic and treatment planning skills, she treats cases from mild to severe complexity. Her office offers a place where people can explore themselves and find ways to better cope with their lives. Without any expectations for her patients, Dr. Montesano will work to meet you where you are at in your life and act as a guides towards positive treatment outcomes.

Sarah English, LCPC

Sarah English has been at Guada Psych since 2017 treating adolescent and adult patients. She is also one of our clinical supervisors. Sarah is an extremely talented mental health provider with a wide range of therapeutic skills that allow her to offer patients a multidisciplinary approach. Sarah works with adolescents and families as well as adults experiencing difficulty maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle as a result of their mental health. In her own words, “I help individuals and families who have gone through experiences not everyone can understand. I enjoy equipping my patients with targeted skills to help them return to enjoying everyday life. My priority is to build a healthy relationship and rapport that creates a safe and open environment. I build realistic and attainable treatment plans with my patients to bring them relief.”

Education and Training

A native of the Chicagoland area, Sarah earned her master’s degree in Counseling from Adler University in Chicago and her BS from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. While in training, Sarah ran many women’s groups in a drug rehabilitation center for women dealing with severe mental health difficulties. She also worked at a methadone clinic where she offered her clinical skill set to individuals battling opioid dependence.

Areas of Expertise

Sarah has clinical expertise treating teenagers and adults dealing with mild to severe difficulties in the following areas: identity and self-esteem, anxiety, depression, OCD, panic, substance abuse and alcohol use disorders. She works hard to ensure her office is a place where people can find comfort and growth on their unique journeys through life, whatever stages they may be at.

Joe Serrano, PsyD

Dr. Joe Serrano is a psychologist with over 14 years of varied clinical experiences in community mental health counseling centers, private practices, and inpatient facilities across the Midwest. He is extremely skilled at providing patients a route towards their goals and guiding them along this journey. He works with teens, young and middle-aged adults, and elderly patients.

Strong Educational Background

Dr. Serrano attended Northern Illinois University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology. He then completed his master’s degree in counseling at Indiana’s Ball State University in 2008. In 2012, he began a doctoral program in clinical psychology from Adler University in Chicago and graduated in 2017. During his rigorous studies, Dr. Serrano began building his client-centered approach and style of practicing clinical psychology.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Serrano has been working with us for many months now, and his patients have been vocal about their positive experiences with him. He treats a range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma related issues, relational troubles, and more.

Fun fact!

Joe enjoys using his depth of knowledge in psychology and comic book characters to help his patients if this can be useful. You can catch Dr. Serrano at Comic Con in Indiana in October (2021) presenting on the following topics: Learning Growth and Healing Through the Use of Comic Books, The Anti-Hero’s Journey: The Walk Between Good and Evil, Reading Without Words: The Use of Comic Books as a Tool For Literacy, Falling and Redeemed: Developing Iconic Characters from Trauma, and many more interesting topics! ​

Stacy Stewart, PhD 

Dr. Stacy Stewart is a welcomed addition to our team of highly skilled clinical psychologists. According to Dr. Stewart, we often encounter life events that impact our ability to accurately see, meaningfully regulate, and genuinely believe in ourselves. Dr. Stewart believes that therapy is a collaborative process that assists us in uncovering our truest selves and providing us with tools to live a life aligned with our core values. Dr. Stewart takes a strengths-focused, trauma-informed approach with clients

Education and Training

Dr. Stewart graduated from DePaul University with a PhD in clinical psychology. She draws from various theoretical frameworks, integrating the most salient aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) into treatment. She work with clients across the lifespan and families with a myriad of presenting concerns. Dr. Stewart has a message for you! “I am excited to help you see your true reflection. Let’s partner together on this healing journey!”

Additional Areas of Interest

Dr. Stewart works with children, families, and adults in the individual and group therapy setting. She is skilled at treating a range of mental health concerns, and has a hands-on approach that parents find particularly useful when she works with their kids. Dr. Stewart is currently running trauma informed grief groups at our community locations (The Chicago Foundation for Mental Health) where she works with parents who have lost children to gun violence. Dr. Stewart is motivated to provide POC with a safe space to process their own life experiences as well as the societal traumas that are constantly taking place. According to her, Dr. Stewart got into the field with a true desire to provide access to individuals who do not have access or feel comfortable seeking services; for this reason she is an invaluable asset to our team.

Stephen Stewart, PsyD, NCSP

Dr. Stephen Stewart has been with Guada Psych since September of 2022 and brings a wide array of clinical experience spanning over a decade. He works with patients across the lifespan and has experience working with youth and adult patients in a variety of settings, including in-patient hospitalization, intensive out-patient, community mental health, school-based, and correctional settings. Dr. Steve enjoys using a client-centered approach where the patient is the expert of their own lives and he can help guide them to an attainable and goal-oriented solution. He has a strong theoretical foundation and uses a range of therapeutic modalities depending on the presenting issues and goals of therapy.

Education and Training

Dr. Steve has a strong educational background. He graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with BAs in human development and family studies and minors in psychology, sociology, and human sexuality. He then attained his first master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Purdue University in 2015. Dr. Steve completed his educational journey by attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2018 where he earned a secondary master’s degree in psychology, an education specialist degree in school psychology and a doctoral degree in school psychology with a concentration in clinical psychology.

Areas of Expertise and Fun Fact!

Dr. Steve has experience working with patients who struggle with a variety of presenting issues that include but are not limited to individual, family, or relational challenges. He is experienced in treating depression and bi-polar disorders, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorder, trauma-related issues, addiction, substance abuse, anger management, youth behavioral challenges, ADHD, LGBTQ+ challenges, psychotic disorders and personality disorders. Dr. Steve enjoys creating memories with his family and playing with his two daughters who are the highlight of his world! Dr. Steve also enjoys making sure others are happy and are having a great time in social settings. He has never met a stranger!

Alane J. Anthony, PsyD, NCSP

Dr. Anthony is a post-doctoral fellow at Guada Psych Services. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana. She earned her education specialist degree and doctorate in school psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Anthony recently completed her pre- doctoral internship at St. Raphael Counseling in Englewood, Colorado.

Dr. Anthony is a doctoral-level nationally certified and state-licensed school psychologist who is passionate about helping children, adolescents, adults, and families push past life’s disappointments and embrace their bright futures. She is inspired and motivated to help children, adolescents, adults, and families to address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional concerns to achieve positive outcomes. She has experience and training working in childcare centers, schools and private practice settings with knowledge in school-related concerns, social- emotional learning, parent coaching, self-care, cultural diversity, spirituality, women’s issues, and psychological testing and evaluations. Her clinical assessments interests include academic, behavioral, social-emotional, gifted and talented, neurodevelopmental, mood, and trauma across the lifespan. Dr. Anthony’s dissertation also focused on social-emotional learning with African American students.

As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, Dr. Anthony is passionate about addressing concerns for anxiety, depression, discrimination, racial identity, and trauma. Dr. Anthony’s faith system is that she not only believes there is a higher power, which is God, but she also is very spiritual and strive to be motivational to others personally and professionally. My faith system adds to my clinical practice because I believe in helping children, adolescents, adults, and families reach their highest potential and that they can do anything through Christ who strengthens them.

What motivated me to pursue a career as a psychologist?

I was motivated to pursue a career as a psychologist because of three significant reasons. The first reason was due to the pain I experienced as an adolescent with the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina. That experience revealed to me that I did not want anyone to ever have to go through their pain alone or in silence as I did during that time in my life. Second, I have always been intrigued to answer the question “why?”. Third, as a person of color, I know it can be challenging to express how you feel when you feel that you do not have a voice. Overall, I chose to be a psychologist to help individuals cope with their pain, understand their purpose, and to advocate for all people, but especially people of color who may feel as if they do not have a voice.

Clarissa Dominguez, MA

Clarissa began working with Guada Psych in April of 2023 and sees adolescent and adult patients, she is bilingual and offers services in both English and Spanish. Clarissa’s interest in the field began when she witnessed family members experiencing mental health concerns during her teenage years. Clarissa has worked various jobs and positions prior to graduating with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. These positions further solidified her desire to join the field of mental health, a job that is people centered at its foundation. Clarissa is passionate about addressing needs on a personal level; She emphasizes that therapy is a collaborative approach between the clinician and the patient and encourages patient feedback to cater to patients’ unique therapeutic goals. Clarissa favors co-creating therapeutic goals with patients as she uses her skills and expertise to guide patients towards healthy and sustainable change.

Education and Training

Clarissa obtained her BA in Psychology from Saint Xavier University and then went on to earn her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lewis University. During her time in her graduate program, Clarissa provided court-ordered therapy services as well as offered people substance abuse counseling. During her internship, she provided individual and group therapy as well as assisted in completing court-ordered psychological assessments. Clarissa says her experience also highlighted the significant impact the law has on people. Because of this, Clarissa became more involved in advocating for social justice and those with mental health related issues as they pertain to the law. She is currently working to obtain her LCPC and is working under the supervision of Dr. Kati Guada and Makeba Boykins, MA.

Clarissa also joined TCFMH, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Guada, following her passion to work in La Villita. Clarissa lived in La Villita as a child though her family moved out of the area when violence began to escalate. As she pursued her career goals, she kept a close affinity for La Villita and looked out for opportunities to work as a therapist in the community. She says that being raised by Mexican immigrant parents and being a first-generation Mexican American influences her therapeutic approach in terms of utilizing a cultural lens. Clarissa is an invaluable asset to her patients and the Latina/o community.

Mariana Moreno, MA

Mariana joined our team in July of 2023 and has been a great addition to our wonderful team! She sees adolescent and adult patients and offers services in both English and Spanish. Mariana is a recent graduate who earned her BA in psychology at SIU Carbondale and went on to earn her Master’s degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a concentration in Latinx Mental Health. Mariana recently completed her internship at El Circulo. The Circle Resource Center located in Brighton Park where she provided women in the community virtual sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Areas of Expertise and Fun Fact!

Mariana has also joined the TCFMH team, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Guada. She says that being able to give back to the community is very important to her stating, “ I’m very excited to work with the community as well as to be a resource that I wish I and my family had when I was younger”. Mariana says growing up on the southwest side of Chicago traveling to La Villita was always a way to stay connected to her culture and is looking forward to working hand in hand with the community. Mariana believes the impact relationships and one’s community have on a person’s well being and self esteem are just as important as collaborative partnership between patient and therapist, therefore she uses an integrative relational psychotherapeutic approach with her clients.

Mariana’s time outside of work is spent with her family and exploring the outdoors with her dogs. She enjoys spending time discovering new places with them and creating memories along the way. Although she is no professional, she enjoys taking pictures capturing those moments.

Ryan Walter, PsyD

Ryan Walter has been with Guada Psych as a post-doctoral fellow since October 2023. Dr. Walter has over ten years of experience working with children and adolescents in a variety of clinical settings. He received his bachelors in psychology at University of Colorado at Boulder and his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Walter practices, first and foremost, from a person centered, relationally based perspective. However, important theoretical influences include object relational, attachment, family systems, and existential psychology.

Over the years, Dr. Walter has been responsible for the direct care of numerous clients who have been survivors of physical and sexual trauma, individuals who identify as transgender, and families and children with backgrounds vastly different from his own. In these relationships, Dr. Walter makes an effort to always be open minded, curious, and patient.

Dr. Walter believes the goals of therapy include a reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms, an increase in one’s capacity for emotional language and self-reflection, and the ability to experience oneself more genuinely and with greater compassion. Dr. Walter believes therapeutic progress corresponds with an openness to experience, a willingness to think and act creatively, and a growing appreciation for others’ perspective.

Areas of Expertise and Fun Fact!

Dr. Walter’s most extensive research topic thus far has been in the area of residential treatment and his dissertation focused specifically on evaluating long term outcomes of children and adolescents within these settings. Other clinical areas of attention have included Narcissistic Personality Disorder, antisocial tendencies in youth, early parent child attachments, crisis intervention, psychopharmacology, and the experience and impact of trauma on development.

Personally, Dr. Walter is outgoing, creative, and a supportive and attentive listener. Dr. Walter writes and performs his own music (for children and adults) and has spent the last several years working part-time as a children’s music instructor at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. As both a counselor and therapist, Dr. Walter has made use of music, physical activities, and various projects to engage clients and build self-esteem.

Within every therapeutic relationship, Dr. Walter considers himself an advocate and consciously approaches each new client with genuine concern, hope, and a sense of responsibility.

Sofia joined our team in April of 2023 as our Scheduling Manager. Sofia has been an asset to coordinating patient and staff needs, and we are so lucky to have snagged her! Sofia has a strong work ethic, is kind and understanding, and is motivated to help our patients get connected with the services they need. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish, which provides the support we need in reaching out to our beloved Spanish-speaking population. Sofia’s goal is to make the scheduling process as seamless and pleasant as possible.

Interest in Mental Health

Sofia is currently studying to pursue a career within the mental health field, and she will be a huge asset to her future patients. Sofia decided to pursue clinical psychology because she has a passion in helping people grow to be the best version of themselves. She says that she is excited to learn more about mental health treatment and how she can best support the patients at Guada Psych Services. Her ultimate goal is to obtain her master’s in psychology and obtain her LCPC license to begin a career as a mental health counselor.