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Educational Testing

Educational or diagnostic testing is the best way for parents, teachers, and therapists to understand what a student needs to succeed in the classroom.

Testing is:

  • ​Offered for students ages 3-16 years

  • ​Completed via pencil and paper in our office

  • ​Takes approximately 4-6 hours

  • ​Can be completed in 1-2 days

  • ​Includes a short parent interview

Tests cover the following:

  • ​Auditory reasoning

  • ​Fluid reasoning

  • ​Listening comprehension

  • ​Math fluency

  • ​Oral expression

  • ​Oral reasoning

  • ​Processing speed

  • ​Quantitative reasoning

  • ​Reading comprehension

  • ​Verbal comprehension

  • ​Visual-spatial skills

  • ​Working memory

  • ​Written expression

  • ​Behavior 

​Once testing is complete, the clinician will meet with the student and/or parent to discuss the report and what testing found. Included in the report is a list of specific recommendations to aid in growth in development, both inside the classroom and beyond. ​

​Do not hesitate to call with any questions related to educational testing. 

Psychological Assessment

Why do people get psychological evaluations? 

People request psychological evaluations for a range of reasons. These are becoming more common as insurance is now covering psych assessment (also called "testing"). 

Common Reasons People Request Psych Evals

  • To clarify diagnosis

  • To diagnose or rule out ADHD

  • To rule out Autism Spectrum Disorder (in adults and youth)

  • To identify language/reading/mathematical disorders

  • To better understand how to help the patient

What is the process for a Psych Assessment? 

  • A one-hour meeting is scheduled to understand what the assessment is for. 

  • The doctor puts together a battery of tests for you. 

  • Testing is scheduled, takes between 2-6 hours, and is a combination of in-person and online/at home test completion.

  • The testing can be broken up across different days or completed on the same day. 

  • Testing is completed and the doctor takes two weeks to write a report. 

  • Another meeting is scheduled with the patient to review results, go over recommendations, answer any questions.