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Jennifer Mazzetti, PsyD Staff Psychologist in Schaumburg

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As a licensed therapist, Marissa came to Guada Psych with a passion for systems work and building efficiency in the field of mental health. She believes in the power of equity and accessible services and resources for all. Here at Guada Psych, Marissa is our Practice Manager.



Education and Training

After completing her BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Marissa continued her studies at Northwestern University in Evanston. She participated in study abroad programs in Ecuador and India which furthered her conceptualization of culture, perspective and intentionality. Marissa received her Masters in Counseling Psychology and specialized in adolescent treatment. She has provided services throughout the Chicagoland area; serving children, families and adults who presented with a range of disorders and challenges. She believes in the dynamic of a strong therapeutic alliance and found that integrative approaches matched with psycho-educational discussions and consistency can make all the difference for client growth. Marissa often highlights the importance of truly listening and engaging in courageous conversations to overcome barriers. 

Current Focus

Marissa is currently focused on utilizing her education and experience to create new, intentional systems and opportunities for all. She approaches process development with the end goal of creating systems that have the client experience in mind, are data-driven and sustainable. In addition to process development, she is very passionate about furthering the development of programming initiatives and offerings at Guada Psych. She is currently working to ensure a variety of group therapy options are being offered to Clients and on topics that energize Clinicians. She also works directly with Dr. Guada and TCFMH Team to continue service offerings and trauma-informed trainings at our community sites.