Student Training Program

Guada Psych Services was established as a teaching practice, a decision that ensures our team remains at the forefront of the mental health field. We draw inspiration from some of Chicago’s top teaching hospitals like Northwestern, Rush, and Illinois-Masonic, which are renowned for their commitment to innovation and excellence. Just as these institutions stay current with the latest technologies and methodologies, our practice is dedicated to continuous learning and advancement.

Our experienced clinicians not only provide high-quality care to our patients but also mentor doctoral and master’s students from various universities and schools throughout Chicago. This dual role helps our staff maintain sharp clinical skills and adhere to the practitioner-scholar model, enhancing the quality of both our training and patient care.

Participants in our training program receive guidance from compassionate, skilled professionals, including our clinical psychologist and director, Dr. Liara Montesano, who supervises and monitors all cases closely to ensure effective progress and professional development.

Opting out of working with our training department is completely acceptable. We employ a strengths-based teaching approach, creating an uplifting and supportive environment that fosters growth. We believe this positive atmosphere not only benefits our students but also enhances the overall patient experience.

Our commitment to a friendly, supportive standard extends to all staff interactions, ensuring that every touch-point, from phone calls to billing, reflects our high standard of care. We strive for every patient interaction to be positive, recognizing that quality service should always be a priority.

For more details or to discuss how our training program can benefit you, please reach out to us.

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